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ComfortExim Enterprises Marketing, Sales, Service, Distribution for Exports & Imports of food industrial machineries and products in the range of Czech Republic and India.
Overseas Trade Links

Food Industrial Machines


J4 s.r.o. - Czech Republic

J4 s.r.o.. was established in 1994 and deals with the development and production of cyclothermic tunnel band baking ovens and with delivering complete baking and bakery lines and bakeries. The ovens are not only designed for baking rye, rye-wheat or wheat bread, but also various types of bread and pastries, fancy breads, pies, stuffed cakes, cookies, gingerbread, sponge cake biscuits, salted sticks and numerous other baked products


Bongard - France

More than 85 years shared with the Bakers and Confectioners

Bongard was created in 1922 and over the years has become the French specialist in bread and cake bakery equipment.
Key figures about BONGARD

  • A turnover of 72 million euros
  • More than 50% of sales are exports
  • 3 production sites in Europe
  • 100,000 items of equipment (including 40,000 ovens) installed worldwide
  • 70% of bread bakeries in France have at least one item of Bongard equipment
  • 100% of major account firms in France have at least one item of Bongard equipment

Ephrem - France

Established in 1975, EPHREM Distribution is a specialist wood burning oven manufacturer. Our wood fired pizza oven ranges are made in France, and our renowned expertise in the world of the wood-fired pizza oven is an additional guarantee of reliability and quality.

We have sold more than 60,000 wood burning ovens around the world to date.

Ephrem wood burning ovens are available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes, including indoor and outdoor pizza ovens for home use, commercial wood-fired pizza ovens for pizzerias, and professional bread ovens for bakeries. An Ephrem wood burning oven lends itself to a variety of uses: regular oven, pizza oven, bread oven, or barbecue. You can use the sliding grill (supplied with most of our ovens) to bake pastries, casserole dishes such as stews, baked beans or gratins, and grilled meats.


ADA-GASTROGAZ is a private gastronomy equipment manufacturer in Poland, existing from 1996, specializing in the production of gas and electric appliances and realizing individual orders for stainless steel furniture and appliances. We equip and furnish restaurants, fast-food bars and catering trailers.

UNI-MASZ - Poland

We specialize in the production of equipment for transport technology, pre-treatment of fruit and vegetables, construction of technological lines, machines for sorting, weighing, washing, crushing, etc. in accordance with HACCP and EU standards. Manufactured devices are made of stainless steel and materials approved for contact with food.

X Dome - Portugal

We are manufacturers of professional in Food service equipments like Toaster and Fryers for hotel industries.

jvp-churrasqueiras - Portugal

We are currently one of the biggest manufacturers of barbecues made of refractory bricks – typically Portuguese –, stone fireplaces and garden tables made of bricks, in Portugal.

The provided barbecues may include, optionally, firewood oven, stands and all the decorative and functional accessories such as: metallic grids, tile panels, wash basins / sinks, etc.

We gather experience since 1994, in constant demand for quality standards, which is reflected on the final product. Currently we export to several countries in Europe, not to mention the whole territory of Portugal.

This website presents a large variety of fireplaces, barbecues, ovens and tables made at our factory, and also an extensive diversity of fireplace inserts, wood stoves, grills, and all the necessary accessories for the assemblage of these equipments among other items.

To check the quality of the products we provide and the excellent prices, don’t hesitate on contacting us directly, by phone, fax, e-mail or in person

zmatik - Italy

Z.Matik is a thirty years experienced Italian manufacturer of manual pastry and bakery machines, in particular puff pastry sheeters, croissant machines, working tables and cutting rollers (AISI type 304).

Thanks to the choice of appropriate materials, Z.matik guarantees toughness and simplicity in every machine. So we invite you to visit our web site and contact us for any information.

  • Manual puff pastry sheeters
  • Croissant pastry machines
  • Working tables
  • Cutting rollers AISI type 304

Dal Maso Luigi S.r.l. - Italy

The company was founded in the sixties by Dal Maso Luigi who began his activity as a mechanical workshop. In the early eighties he began production of forming the field of baking. Today activity is managed by his daughter Silviana Dal Maso, his nephew Andrea Mazzola and Bortoli Oscar.

In 2001 he began producing baghettatrici, machines that are reknown worldwide.

The company is growinn in the research of developing new components and materials in order to optimize and make increasingly competitive their products for the production of bread. Punctuality and availability make Dal Maso Luigi S.r.l. a serious and reliable company, already known in Italy, Europe and all over the world.